Perth Solar Cleaning News

How to Clean Solar Panels in Perth

If you are looking to tackle the task of cleaning solar panels in Perth then there a few things you should consider before climbing up the ladder. Here are some common questions you should ask yourself before deciding on taking on this task yourself;

  1. First of all, are you or your home fully insured in case of an accident?
  2. Are you comfortable working at heights? If the answer is no then you should probably stay on the ground.
  3. Have you the correct cleaning equipment including ionized water filter and soft bristled brush?
  4. Do you know safe procedure of cleaning electrified solar panel arrays?
  5. Do you know of the manufacturers or installers warranty terms and conditions so as to not void your warranty by incorrect maintenance?
  6. Do you have the correct safety harness to be working on an elevated platform?
  7. What is your time worth per hour to carry out such a task?