Our Services

Our Specialty is Solar Panel Cleaning in Perth

But we do apply our skills to other areas of specialty cleaning as below
Solar Electric Panels

Solar Electric Panels

Our favorite type of work

Solar Hot Water Panels

Solar Hot Water Panels

Because they need cleaning too!

Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Dirty roof? No Problems we use high pressure.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal

Because rooftop graffiti removal can be difficult

Canopy Cleaning

Canopy Cleaning

High Level and Difficult Access We Love

Facade Cleaning

Facade Cleaning

Blast the past & refresh for a new look.

When you need to rely on experienced Cleaners

There is only one specialised cleaner in Perth that you should call on

Call us today for your free quote on any of the above cleaning services. Our friendly team will be happy to assist, our advice comes free of charge.

Popular Suburbs We Service



Solar Panel Cleaning when living near the coast is very important. Let us clean your salt laden panels today for a longer life.


Living on the coast can take a toll on solar panels, be sure to clean them regularly to avoid corrosion.


The fresh sea air may smell nice but it wont play nice on your metal solar panels. Let us clean them regularly for prolonged life.

North Beach

The Ocean may be beautiful but it will eat your solar panels and half their lifespan. Let us clean them today and double their life.


One of our more popular suburbs we clean solar panels in Joondalup at least once a week. Join our other customers today!


Most new homes include solar and Ellenbrook is no exception. We have solar panel cleaners dedicated just for Ellenbrook. Call us now.



Another coastal suburb that suffers greatly from sea salt corrosion to solar panels, let PSC descale and re-energize your system today.


Solar Panel Cleaning in Coogee is essential, strong winds blow salty sea air on your roof corroding your system. Let us clean it today!


Corrosive salt air from Rockingham waters will eat your solar panels alive. Call us to program a Solar Panel Cleaning plan today.


Strong easterly winds and dust from the hills makes Armadale a hotspot for dirty solar panels. Let PSC sparkle your solar today.


Being close to rural & industrial areas makes Midland & surrounds susceptible to dust, let us fix your dirty solar panels in Midland.


Are you off the grid in Mundaring, semi rural & lifestyle properties all benefit from clean solar panels. Let us clean them today!

Some of the brands of solar panel syytems we clean (we do clean all systems)