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What To Expect After Cleaning Your Solar Panels

If you are looking to tackle the task of cleaning your solar panels you can be rest assured that you will be gaining improvements in the production of power output from your solar panels if you clean them properly.

The most common solar panel installation in Perth is a 5kw system made up of approximately 20 x 250w panels. In Perth, during summer you should be producing up to 30kwh with a 25kwh average. If you have dirty solar panels your average production could be cut to just 17.50kwh per day. Disclaimer, these numbers are approximate and several factors come into play such as orientation, location, size and brand of system installed.

In order to produce an additional 225kwh per month (or equivalent to a further 9 days of power production per month) you need t be sure that your solar panel installation is in tip top clean shape. To know about how to clean your solar panel system in perth view our blog post on how to clean our own solar panels.

If you are not brave enough or do not have the time to clean your own system this is where Solar Panel Cleaning Perth comes in.

We will skillfully clean, maintain and prevent dust, dirt, scale, salt, and mould build up on your solar panel installation.

To ensure that you are getting your additional 108 days of power production per year, call us to clean your solar panel system today.


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